Join us for our Not New Year's Eve Party

On Friday January 3rd 2020 10pm-6am

At Fire, Parry Street, Vauxhall, SW8 1RU




Doors open at 10pm and close at 2.30am. Club close at 6am.


Our annual Not NYE Party! Have all of the fun of New Year's Eve without the usual traffic, expensive taxis, heaving tube journeys... AND you can celebrate actual NYE at home on the sofa with pizza :D


Theme to dress to is Uniforms - but the usual AC Alternative/fetish strict dress code still applies, theme is optional.


Rooms include

The Hole (metal)

Hellfire (mashup 80s/goth/postpunk/industrial metal/Alt Anthems)

::PFI:: (dark electro/tbm/industrial)

Dungeon plus dark playroom

Ministry of Sin (hard house and hardstyle)


Theatre of Sin

Hosted by Galina Rin with DJ Rev.J

Shows TBA



Club AntiChrist Rules

Strict Alternative/Fetish dress code applies, no effort=no entry. If you change during the event to something more casual ( longer in dresscode) you will be asked to leave.

We reserve the right to refuse admission (ROAR) without refunds.

No photography inside anywhere (this excludes official photographers who will have a badge, and the photobooth).

Non consensual activity (eg. touching someone without being asked/given consent) is never ok at AC. It will get you thrown out and barred for life.

AC staff wear lit lanyards and can be found roaming the venue, in the Dungeon, at the front doors until 2.30am and at the entrance to the dark playroom. You can also ask a member of venue security to contact us. If you need help or want to report a problem, please speak up! We can and will help right then and there :)